7 pahare pentru 7 păcate

Vinul intră, secretul iese – (proverb armenesc)

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3 răspunsuri

  1. SAU OMUL LA BETIE SPUNE ADEVARUL-DE-AL NOSTRU…depinde de om, de adevarul sau secretul lui,chiar si de cit de tare e bautura …

  2. Din „pacate”mai gustam din cind in cind din cite un pahar……asta-i viata!!! ( ma refer la cele7).

  3. When the ID escapes the censorship of the Superego, all the primitive impulses and drives come out- all of us have more or less some of the 7 sins for we had all fall short from the glory of GOD that is why we are sinners, however we have what no other creature in the whole universe- the power of reason -Descartes aptly said „Cognito Ergo Sum”- so, tangential to the 7 sins, in what intensity, frequency and without regard toward others „Primo: non nocere”, and ourselves- thus without scruples, ethics, morals or fear of GOD one is acting upon the leverages of the 7 sins. Let’s not forget, that there was ONE, who asked: „Who there is one among you, without sin, let him cast the first stone” ant that ONE was without sin, for HE was the SON of GOD- while we, all… are just imperfect people, let’s not cat lost upon other,s without looking first in the mirror of ourselves.

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